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    5 ways to future-proof your telehealth program

    Leaders have an opportunity to reimagine their telehealth infrastructure with these five best practices.

    May 31, 2022
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    Millions of people counting on Congress to protect telehealth access

    Patients who have come to rely on telehealth have been left waiting and wondering if they will be able to receive the virtual care they need once the COVID-19 public health emergency has ended.

    By Julia Mirich • May 26, 2022
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    Virtual visits remain significantly elevated compared to pre-COVID-19 levels, as patients report high satisfaction with digitally delivered care.

    By Healthcare Dive staff
  • Amwell Q1 net loss widens on costs to expand Converge platform

    The vendor's revenue grew 11% while expenses climbed 40% year over year, as Amwell invested heavily in research and development for its open architecture Converge platform.

    By May 10, 2022
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    Telehealth use fell in February as omicron retreated

    Mental health services captured a larger percentage of remote care and continued to be the top reason for online provider visits in February, according to data from Fair Health.

    By May 10, 2022
  • Telemedicine reached disadvantaged communities during pandemic, study finds

    The results surprised Johns Hopkins University researchers, who said it contrasted with earlier findings showing an inverse link between socioeconomic status and use of telemedicine in the pandemic.

    By May 4, 2022
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    3 questions for Dr. Alan Kadish, Touro University President

    Between new locations, expanding programs and an ever-growing list of community service initiatives, Touro University is becoming one of the nation's leaders in medical and health science education in myriad ways.

    May 2, 2022
  • Teladoc records $6.6B impairment charge on Livongo acquisition, spurring record net loss

    Teladoc bought chronic care giant Livongo for $18.5 billion two years ago, but the asset's waning value and external market factors triggered the multibillion-dollar goodwill impairment charge in the first quarter.

    By Updated April 28, 2022
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    Employers are reevaluating health benefits amid tight labor market, survey finds

    Improving affordability, providing virtual care and boosting mental health offerings will be top priorities for U.S. employers over the next two years, according to a Willis Towers Watson report.

    By April 27, 2022
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    Does telemedicine result in duplicative care? Depends on the patient, study suggests

    Whether or not telehealth visits result in duplicative care — a hot topic on the Hill as Congress debates future telemedicine regulation — could depend on if users have acute or chronic conditions, according to new research.

    By April 27, 2022
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    Healthcare M&A slowed in Q1 amid economic concerns, omicron impact, KPMG says

    Deals across the sector fell by a third in the period from the brisk pace at the end of last year as buyers weighed an economic slowdown, the Russian-Ukraine war and the impact of the omicron variant, according to the new report.

    By April 26, 2022
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    Teladoc names new chief medical officer

    Vidya Raman-Tangella joins Teladoc from Amazon subsidiary AWS, where she led strategy for healthcare solutions.

    By April 25, 2022
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    Massive pandemic pivot to telehealth tallied in Fair Health report

    New data from the nonprofit reiterates the explosive growth in telemedicine in the first year of the pandemic when other medical sites scaled back services.

    By April 25, 2022
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    Managing provider licensure amid expanding telehealth

    As the COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for expanded virtual care, telehealth has grown in adoption. How are your licensing processes adapting to this changing environment?

    April 25, 2022
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    Global digital health funding reaches 6-quarter low, at $10.4B

    Even as the pandemic continues, digital health funding slowed significantly in the first quarter of 2022, according to new data from CB Insights.

    By April 14, 2022
  • Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider Shaine Malekgoodar, seen in monitor screen, can connect with Hope Family Health patients in Westmoreland, TN, its satellite locations.
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    Telehealth use rose for third straight month in January as omicron spread

    Among the top five telehealth diagnoses in January, COVID-19 tied for second with acute respiratory diseases and infections. Mental health conditions were by far the most common diagnosis, coming in at nearly 60% of all claims.

    By April 7, 2022
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    Hospitals bet big on venture capital amid COVID-19 revenue flux

    Hospitals are increasingly acting as venture capitalists, ratcheting up investments in companies with products they can use and scale, according to a data analysis of hospital VC arms conducted by Healthcare Dive.

    By March 30, 2022
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    Hospital E/M visit charges continued to rise in 2020, Fair Health finds

    Meanwhile, the percentage of claims for telehealth shot up from just 0.22% of all claims in 2019 to about 15% in 2020, as COVID-19 restrictions set in and patients worried of virus transmission.

    By March 30, 2022
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    Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic

    Hospitals overhauled their operations in COVID-19's early days. Now, two years into the pandemic, they are looking ahead at the future of their business, including revenue diversification and workforce stability.

    March 29, 2022
  • Photo of exhibition hall floor, HIMSS22 in Orlando, March
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    The case for hybrid care models

    Telehealth is increasingly being woven into healthcare organizations' future plans, giving hope to proponents of hybrid care models.

    By March 22, 2022
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    Pandemic hastens shift away from hospital inpatient care, Moody's reports

    The transition to more treatment in the home and in lower-cost outpatient settings will persist, aided by reimbursement changes and advances in medical technology, the ratings agency said.

    By March 16, 2022
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    5 can't-miss HIMSS22 panels

    For those with boots on the ground in Orlando, here are panels you won't want to miss, touching on some of the hottest topics in healthcare today from health equity to cybersecurity.

    By March 11, 2022
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    Amwell partners with electronics giant LG to develop digital health tools

    The new partnership may be a bid to rejuvenate Amwell's hospital revenue, which saw tepid growth last year as major health systems have delayed new hardware deployments during COVID-19.

    By March 10, 2022
  • Telemedicine, technology, middle aged couple using laptop for video meeting with doctor. Husband and wife at home on the couch with child listening and talking to the doctor.
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    Telehealth use increased amid omicron as 2021 drew to a close

    Telehealth swelled from 4.4% of all medical claims in November to 4.9% in December, with the bump evident in every U.S. census region, according to new Fair Health data.

    By March 7, 2022
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    Packaging: Hot takes from a cold chain expert on a changing landscape

    Whether it’s an ultra-low temperature vaccine or a specimen sample, packaging is protecting some of the most advanced and important products ever.

    March 7, 2022
  • Teladoc partners with Amazon on smart speaker medical calls

    The two companies make interesting bedfellows for the partnership, given they are direct competitors in virtual-first primary care delivery.

    By March 1, 2022