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    CVS could look to regional buys as it plans primary care acquisitions

    “We can’t be in ... primary care without M&A. We’ve been very clear about that,” CEO Karen Lynch said during an earnings call Wednesday.

    By Aug. 3, 2022
  • Teladoc member and child using video service
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    Courtesy of Teladoc

    Teladoc shares tumble amid weak guidance, inflation headwinds

    Teladoc recorded another major net loss in the second quarter, driven in part by the Livongo acquisition’s goodwill impairment charge.

    By July 28, 2022
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    Virtual visits remain significantly elevated compared to pre-COVID-19 levels, as patients report high satisfaction with digitally delivered care.

    By Healthcare Dive staff
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    HHS proposes reinstating nondiscrimination protections stripped by Trump administration

    One notable change includes language around clinical algorithms, prohibiting discrimination through the use of that technology in healthcare settings.

    By July 26, 2022
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    OIG warns of telehealth fraud risks in wake of DOJ crackdown

    The special alert to healthcare providers describes how fraudsters recruit and reward practitioners in schemes to exploit the growth of telemedicine.

    By July 25, 2022
  • A headshot of Mike Waters, Teladoc's new chief operating officer
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    Courtesy of Teladoc Health

    Teladoc names ex-Providence executive as new COO, filling vacancy

    The chief operating officer role has been empty since David Sides departed Teladoc in September to become the chief executive of an ambulatory technology company.

    By July 25, 2022
  • A person receives a blood glucose reading through DarioHealth's smartphone app
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    Lack of payment pathway clarity hinders digital therapeutics, analysts say

    The Forrester Research report warns of a sector beset by payment issues, “snake oil” and “middling adoption.”

    By Nick Paul Taylor • July 15, 2022
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    Permission granted by Teladoc

    Teladoc's new CMO Vidya Raman-Tangella on the telehealth giant's clinical strategy and new products

    The executive caught up with Healthcare Dive to chat day one priorities, her vision for health equity, closing care gaps and why this might be the role she’s wanted all of her career.

    By July 14, 2022
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    400tmax via Getty Images

    Digital health funding is cooling down

    This year’s trajectory suggests overall funding will fall significantly short of last year’s, as investor confidence is shaken by global conflict and inflation concerns, according to Rock Health reports.

    By July 12, 2022
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    Transforming virtual care to virtual-first care beyond the pandemic

    The rapid expansion of virtual-first healthcare is dramatically reshaping how care is accessed and delivered.

    July 11, 2022
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    American Well

    COVID-19 reappeared in top 5 telehealth diagnoses in April

    Telehealth use overall rose nationally and in every region following two months of decline, according to Fair Health’s monthly tracker.

    By July 6, 2022
  • Protestors gathered in front of the Supreme Court to protest Roe v. Wade being overturned.
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    Brandon Bell via Getty Images

    How the decision overturning Roe v. Wade is changing healthcare

    Many provider groups protested the 6-3 decision, with the American Medical Association saying it was "deeply disturbed" by the court overturning Roe v. Wade, which was precedent for almost half a century.

    By Updated July 5, 2022
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    Overcoming psychosocial barriers for long-term success on home dialysis

    As patient utilization of home dialysis grows, the nephrology community must focus on breaking down psychosocial barriers to ensure long-term success. 

    By Dr. Mihran Naljayan, Chief Medical Officer, Home Modalities at DaVita Kidney Care • June 27, 2022
  • The United States Capitol in February 2020
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    Megan Quinn/Healthcare Dive
    Deep Dive

    As cross-state telemedicine waivers expire, virtual care advocates focus on long-term policy changes

    There’s a complication: No one solution to the U.S.’ patchy physician licensing infrastructure has universal buy-in.

    By June 21, 2022
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    Original image by Graphicroyalty / Adobe Stock, edited by Touro University.

    Sponsored by Touro University

    The cultural and mental health skills that medical and health science students need in today's world

    From memorizing facts about illnesses to learning how to perform procedures, every medical and health science university offers curricula and opportunities to ensure that its students hone their hard skills.

    June 21, 2022
  • A headshot of Carrie Nelson, Amwell's new chief medical officer
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    Amwell appoints ex-Advocate Aurora exec as chief medical officer

    The virtual care company has tapped Carrie Nelson as its new CMO, filling a role that’s been vacant since last summer.

    By June 8, 2022
  • Teladoc member and child using video service
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    Courtesy of Teladoc

    Teladoc hit with class-action suit alleging it misled investors

    The complaint accuses the company, along with CEO Jason Gorevic and CFO Mala Murphy, of downplaying competition that stifled growth in Teladoc's mental health and chronic care businesses.

    By June 6, 2022
  • Amwell physician conducts visit with patient
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    Courtesy of Amwell

    Telehealth visits dropped in March amid better COVID-19 outlook, new report finds

    The data provides a snapshot of early 2022 when COVID-19 infections dropped and patients seemed more willing to return to the doctor's office.

    By June 3, 2022
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    5 ways to future-proof your telehealth program

    Leaders have an opportunity to reimagine their telehealth infrastructure with these five best practices.

    May 31, 2022
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    Millions of people counting on Congress to protect telehealth access

    Patients who have come to rely on telehealth have been left waiting and wondering if they will be able to receive the virtual care they need once the COVID-19 public health emergency has ended.

    By Julia Mirich • May 26, 2022
  • Amwell Q1 net loss widens on costs to expand Converge platform

    The vendor's revenue grew 11% while expenses climbed 40% year over year, as Amwell invested heavily in research and development for its open architecture Converge platform.

    By May 10, 2022
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    Telehealth use fell in February as omicron retreated

    Mental health services captured a larger percentage of remote care and continued to be the top reason for online provider visits in February, according to data from Fair Health.

    By May 10, 2022
  • Telemedicine reached disadvantaged communities during pandemic, study finds

    The results surprised Johns Hopkins University researchers, who said it contrasted with earlier findings showing an inverse link between socioeconomic status and use of telemedicine in the pandemic.

    By May 4, 2022
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    Permission granted by Tuoro University
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    3 questions for Dr. Alan Kadish, Touro University President

    Between new locations, expanding programs and an ever-growing list of community service initiatives, Touro University is becoming one of the nation's leaders in medical and health science education in myriad ways.

    May 2, 2022
  • Teladoc records $6.6B impairment charge on Livongo acquisition, spurring record net loss

    Teladoc bought chronic care giant Livongo for $18.5 billion two years ago, but the asset's waning value and external market factors triggered the multibillion-dollar goodwill impairment charge in the first quarter.

    By Updated April 28, 2022
  • Several people talk in a doctor's office
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    rparobe via Getty Images

    Employers are reevaluating health benefits amid tight labor market, survey finds

    Improving affordability, providing virtual care and boosting mental health offerings will be top priorities for U.S. employers over the next two years, according to a Willis Towers Watson report.

    By April 27, 2022