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  • A CDC sign on the agency's exterior building
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    CDC, amid criticism for COVID-19 response, plans reorganization as public health threats grow

    The shakeup includes the creation of new offices, staffing moves and steps to expedite data releases, CDC director Rochelle Walensky informed staff on Wednesday.

    By Aug. 18, 2022
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    Hospitals are seeing sicker patients after pandemic delays, AHA warns

    Rising patient acuity is driving up costs for labor, drugs and supplies and straining finances, the hospital lobby said.

    By Susan Kelly • Aug. 17, 2022
  • Stanford nurses walked off the job April 25 in a bid for better staffing and other measures in new contracts.
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    Retrieved from Committee for Recognition of Nursing Achievement on April 26, 2022

    Tracking healthcare worker strikes

    About 7,000 nurses who waged a three-day strike at two New York hospitals voted in favor of ratifying new contract deals, according to a Tuesday release from the union.

    Updated Jan. 24, 2023
  • Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider Shaine Malekgoodar, seen in monitor screen, can connect with Hope Family Health patients in Westmoreland, TN, its satellite locations.
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    Lance Cheung. (2018). "20180927-RD-LSC-0093" [Photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr.

    Telehealth visits rose in May, mirroring COVID-19 diagnoses

    Patients made greater use of virtual care visits for a second straight month during an upturn in coronavirus cases.

    By Susan Kelly • Aug. 9, 2022
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    Healthcare industry nearly recovered from early pandemic job losses

    Hospitals added about 13,000 jobs in July compared to about 20,000 in June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    By Aug. 5, 2022
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    CVS beats Q2 expectations, Aetna revenue rises nearly 11%

    The company raised its full-year guidance despite a $77 million decrease in adjusted operating income, primarily due to declines in its retail segment.

    By Aug. 3, 2022
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    CDC backs Novavax's protein-based vaccine for COVID-19

    Health officials argue a new type of shot could help to persuade unvaccinated people, although some surveys suggest that might not be the case. 

    By July 21, 2022
  • Molina to pay $150M for Wisconsin Medicaid firm in latest buy

    Acquisitions are key to Molina’s growth strategy, CEO Joe Zubretsky has said.

    By July 14, 2022
  • Packaging of Pfizer and BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine in pediatric formulation
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    Courtesy of Pfizer

    As Congress, Biden administration squabble over COVID-19 funds, an ongoing pandemic response posture strains public health

    Congress and the administration are at odds on the need to purchase more vaccines and therapeutics while the public health workforce is beleaguered, former Moderna VP Richard Hughes argues.

    By Richard Hughes • July 14, 2022
  • A worker prepares ampoules of the Nuvaxovid vaccine against Covid-19 by Novavax in Berlin, Germany in February 2022.
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    Carsten Koall via Getty Images

    FDA clears Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine as 4th option in US

    The regulator’s decision comes more than a year after the main part of the principal trial was completed, raising questions about the shot’s effectiveness against omicron.

    By Jonathan Gardner • Updated July 13, 2022
  • A CDC sign on the agency's exterior building
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    Antibiotic-resistant infections rose in hospitals during pandemic, CDC data shows

    Nearly 30,000 people died from infections associated with healthcare settings in the first year of the pandemic and about 40% were infected during a hospital stay, according to the CDC.

    By July 12, 2022
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    University of California nurses nab new contract deal

    The system and unionized nurses were able to reach a deal before the end of their prior contract, which was slated to expire this fall.

    By July 11, 2022
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    American Well

    COVID-19 reappeared in top 5 telehealth diagnoses in April

    Telehealth use overall rose nationally and in every region following two months of decline, according to Fair Health’s monthly tracker.

    By July 6, 2022
  • Shot of a masked young doctor looking distressed.
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    Charday Penn via Getty Images

    Healing within the healthcare community starts with empathy

    The U.S. healthcare system can’t take much more employee turnover without compromising care. Overwhelmed and overworked, many healthcare workers don’t feel safe and supported, Qualtrics’ CMO argues.

    By Adrienne Boissy • July 5, 2022
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    SCOTUS won't hear challenge to health worker vaccine mandate

    Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito dissented in the court’s decision regarding the New York lawsuit.

    By July 1, 2022
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    James Thew/

    Pfizer seeks full FDA approval of Paxlovid as questions about its benefits grow

    A standard clearance could further broaden Paxlovid’s fast-rising use. But weaknesses are emerging too, among them unclear benefits in vaccinated people and a potential lack of potency against new variants.

    By June 30, 2022
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    The doctor's visit of the future will be like having coffee with a friend. Here's why

    Solv Health CMO Robert Rohatsch contends that digital healthcare transformation will help GPs finally get back to what most of us really want to do in the first place — keep patients healthy.

    By Robert Rohatsch • June 22, 2022
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    AMA presses policies on abortion, guns, climate at annual meeting

    The AMA announced over 20 policies including those that declared climate change a public health crisis, urged the FDA to make over-the-counter oral contraceptives accessible and more.

    By June 21, 2022
  • The sign identifying the FDA headquarters in front of its building in White Oak, Maryland.
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    Sarah Silbiger via Getty Images

    FDA authorizes Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for young children

    The much-anticipated decision follows two days after a panel of independent experts unanimously recommended expanding the shots’ use. A CDC panel is meeting Friday and Saturday to develop specific recommendations. 

    By Ned Pagliarulo • June 17, 2022
  • A general view of the Pfizer Headquarters sign on November 10, 2020 in Tadworth, England.
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    Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

    Pfizer study results show Paxlovid benefit less clear in lower-risk patients

    A closely watched study missed its goal, failing to prove the antiviral pill’s benefit in a broader population than the high-risk people for whom it’s currently cleared.

    By Ned Pagliarulo • June 16, 2022
  • The front entrance of the Food And Drug Administration headquarters building.
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    Sarah Silbiger via Getty Images

    FDA advisers recommend Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for youngest children

    Independent experts unanimously supported use of both shots in children aged 6 months to 5 years old, clearing the way for an FDA decision.

    By Ben Fidler • Updated June 15, 2022
  • Packaging of Pfizer and BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine in pediatric formulation
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    Courtesy of Pfizer

    FDA staff supportive of Pfizer, Moderna COVID vaccines in young children

    Agency scientists found the shots to be similarly effective in kids as in older teenagers and raised no major safety red flags, documents published ahead of a meeting of agency advisers this week show.

    By Jonathan Gardner , Ned Pagliarulo • June 13, 2022
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    Physician residents reach deal with Los Angeles County, averting strike

    The labor discord is one of several recent disputes in California, where unions representing healthcare workers have been especially active as more contracts expire and staff see an opportunity to negotiate working conditions.

    By June 8, 2022
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    Nathan Howard via Getty Images

    Surge in 'new' nurses reflects rise in resignations, job shuffling, study finds

    Median nursing tenure fell 19.5% across the U.S from March 2021 to March 2022, according to an analysis by Epic.

    By June 7, 2022
  • Healthcare payrolls recovering, still lag pre-pandemic levels

    Hospitals led growth in healthcare jobs in May as the industry slowly rebuilds its pandemic-shaken workforce.

    By Susan Kelly • June 6, 2022