Poor Quality of PPE and Reusing of Masks Increase Risk of COVID-19 Transmission For Frontline Workers

July 28, 2021

A recent paper and study published by the Journal of Infection and Public Health evaluates why many healthcare workers contracted COVID-19 infection despite personal protective equipment. The proposed conclusion through observation included inadequate supply of PPE, poor quality of PPE, as well as repeated use of PPE designed for single use. The type of face-mask protecting frontline workers was also taken into consideration. 

In the study, transmission of nicotine-free vape smoke (with a particle size 250-450 nm range) was observed through a KN95-respirator (Emercate-GMBH), powered-air-purifying-respirator (JustAir Pro), and woven cloth-mask (Knit Engine-US) in real-time. The particle size of the nicotine-free vape smoke was intended to replicate the particle size of the COVID-19 droplets. The KN95 and woven cloth-mask resulted in large amounts of vape-smoke leaking through, but the leak was minimal through the JustAir mask. 

“We designed the JustAir Pro with frontline healthcare workers in mind. Just protecting ourselves from COVID-19 and other potential viruses isn’t enough. This study shows why the filtration of exhaled air is also critical to prevent the spread of aerosols by an asymptomatic mask wearer,” said Dr. Daniel Burnett, MD, MBA, Founder and CEO of JustAir.

The JustAir Pro system is reusable, washable, and runs for 8 hours on a single charge all while fitting in a small bag that can be worn on the waist, back or shoulder. In addition to N100 filtration of the air delivered to the user, as determined by an independent test laboratory, the system also passes exhaled breath through an N99 filter to prevent potential spread of virus or bacteria from an asymptomatic user.  Clinical studies are currently underway to quantify the reduction in exhaled aerosols with JustAir Pro vs standard PAPR. In addition, further studies are planned to determine the impact of JustAir Pro on headache and fatigue among healthcare workers during prolonged use. Testing is also underway for the JustAir Pro to satisfy the requirements for NIOSH approval.

To view the full paper from the Journal of Infection and Public Health visit: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8061624/ 

For more information on the JustAir Pro PAPR please visit www.justairpro.com.

About JustAir Pro
The JustAir Isolate Pro PAPR is an ambulatory airborne particulate defense system for you and those around you. It can function both as a PAPR or as a passive elastomeric half mask respirator (EHMR). In PAPR mode, air is supplied by a battery powered fan through a replaceable HEPA filter and into the filtering facepiece ensuring that the user breathes air with 99.97% of particulates removed. The Isolate Pro PAPR also allows for recognition of over 90% of spoken words, even with the powered air source connected, compared to ~70% with existing EHMR. In both modes 99% of particulates are removed from the exhaled air- a critical feature unique to the Isolate Pro. https://justairpro.com/