GMR Web Team Launches Free Online Reputation Scorecard for Healthcare Providers

July 21, 2021
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TUSTIN, Calif. —

RepuGrade will generate a comprehensive report of reviews to help healthcare providers assess actual online reputation.

 GMR Web Team, a healthcare digital marketing agency, announced a free reputation score card – RepuGrade - to assist healthcare practice and providers in checking online reviews and reputation. RepuGrade uses critical review metrics that patients use when selecting a healthcare provider (frequency, quantity, recency, and quality of the reviews written) to generate a comprehensive ‘review report card’ to help providers know about their online reputation.

We conducted a nationwide study of over 1,400 participants to understand how patients use reviews when selecting a healthcare provider and used the findings to develop a proprietary formula for generating an overall review score, RepuGrade. RepuGrade uses online review metrics from the most important review platforms, including Google, Vitals, Facebook, Yelp, HealthGrades, WebMD, and more. Additionally, RepuGrade also produces the percentile of the score so that the providers can see how they compare with other healthcare providers in our database.

In addition to the overall reputation score, providers can also see the specifics of essential metrics, like sentiment analysis, online ratings, and the number of online reviews. Providers can easily navigate to their prospective online review sites in just one click from the report.

Online reviews play a crucial role in selecting a healthcare provider, as more than 79% of patients use online reviews when selecting a healthcare provider. Many providers and practices have online reputations that do not accurately reflect their patient satisfaction, which could lead the providers to lose their prospective patients. 

"Online reviews are the second most vital criteria that patients use when selecting healthcare providers – the first being Primary Care physician referral, and the third being referrals by family or friends," said Ajay Prasad, President & CEO of GMR Web Team. "We built RepuGrade to help providers understand their online reputation and where they can improve, so they can acquire and retain more patients."


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