News from SmarTek21 launching IntelliTek Health with a $100m partnership with Newpark Healthcare

Posted Jan 21, 2021

“Trusted AI Software comes to Healthcare – designed by Healthcare Professionals for the Healthcare Profession” NewPark Healthcare and Intellitek Health announce $100M Artificial Intelligence Software as a Service (SaaS) collaboration to support Healthcare Institutions and Governments in their quest for higher quality and greater efficiency.

In an industry first, Newpark Healthcare today announced a progressive, new SaaS partnership under the banner of IntelliTek Health to implement Conversational AI enabled workflows to medical facilities both private and public worldwide. These workflows create digital personalized interactions between patients, clinicians and allied health staff that are focused on patient experience, quality of care and operational efficiency. IntelliTek Health is a SaaS based Health Tech Company of SmarTek21, recognized by Gartner for the last three years as leaders in AI enabled Conversational Platforms alongside Microsoft. IntelliTek Health’s AI conversational products, designed by healthcare professionals, provide real-time data supporting clinical outcomes that are JCI accreditation compatible. All private providers and government health ministries will benefit from AI enabled processes that support patient care and enhance efficiencies. All the current products in the suite are intelligently automated to comply with stringent compliance and reporting requirements - easing the workload and solving some of the most challenging aspects of healthcare provision. Product capabilities range across the patient and caregiver experience from Patient Registration, Hospital Admissions to Post-Op Care Management and Hospital Discharge.

IntelliTek Health can help institutions quantify and categorize their challenges and then quickly prepare and present AI enabled solutions. The technology speaks “healthcare” in all major languages including Arabic and Chinese variants - literally - powered by AI, Natural Language Processing and content/data management engines that have been proven across a 15 year track record with some of the world’s largest corporations - Kaiser Permanente, Cambia, Group Health, Qualis, Eli Lily, and other Fortune 1000 organizations. Supporting the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare, our innovations focus on enhancing patient and caregiver experiences, improved health outcomes, reduced cost and greater effi ciency.  Brian Flood, Chairman.  Newpark Healthcare was upbeat on the outcomes and payback of the partnership “The digitization of hospitals with the IntelliTek Health product suite will be self-funding within 9 months of going live - and that’s just the efficiency ROI. The patient and caregiver benefits and outcomes will create even more value and goodwill for our clients”. This marks an important milestone for IntelliTek Health.

Martyn Molnar, VP of International Sales sees the success being lodged in the collaboration process that rapidly brings the product to market “Our healthcare experts in product design have been working alongside the experienced practitioners at Newpark to get the workflows to the level of precision that can increase the throughput and capacity of hospital operations via intelligent automation - without giving up the benefits of maintaining, managing and reporting daily on Compliance adherence. Everyone wins which is exactly how the thoughtful deployment of technology should be”. With the increased pressure and stresses in the clinical environment that Covid 19 has created, this initiative promises to be a big boost to caregivers. “In these covid times, maximizing patient and caregiver safety while minimizing unnecessary contact is a “must-have - anything that enables us to do that is a game changer “ says Dr. Helena Tuite, an industry quality leader. “This could be the initiative that helps put the caregivers back in the driving seat as the global pandemic rages on in 2021. Protecting the well-being of our caregivers is now a new mandatory imperative”.  Part of the SmarTek21 group of companies, IntelliTek Health products are created by healthcare professionals, including experts in JCI compliance, who analyze workflows and adapt our conversation engine and data refinery to produce solutions that deliver reduced operational costs, increased productivity and most importantly, enriched patient and caregiver experiences.

SmarTek21 was founded in 2006 and has been awarded the top-rated Ai enabled, conversational platform by Gartner for two years running. With offices around the world, and an impressive customer list that includes some of the world’s most successful companies, SmarTek21 is a trusted global leader in digital transformation across all the major industries.

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