CareAsOne Summit 2020 Officially Kicks Off

Posted Nov 17, 2020

CareAsOne, a virtual healthcare professional community, officially kicked off its first-ever, global CareAsOne Summit. With Microsoft and AWS as technology partners, the community’s conference joins healthcare experts from all over the world to discuss the most healthcare pressing issues of today and perhaps tomorrow. 


 Speakers started sharing their wins, challenges and lessons learned as they reevaluate and realign future healthcare advancements. Centered around the theme 'Health 2030: Discovering the Future of Healthcare,' day one of the summit packed leading healthcare experts, including:


Glen Tullman, Founder of Livongo

Shaun Anand, MD, President and BayCare Physician Partners

Eric Yablonka, CIO and Associate Dean, Stanford Health Care and School of Medicine

Deanna Larson, SVP at Avera Health and CEO at Avera eCARE

Eric Yablonka, Chief Information Officer and Associate Dean at Stanford Health Care 

Arundhati Parmar, VP, Editor-in-chief, MedCity News

Nagraj Kashyap, Corporate VP, Microsoft and Global Head, M12

Deepak Goyal, Partner, PwC

Alisha Fehrenbacher, CEO, ElevateHealth

B.J. Moore, Executive VP and CIO, Providence St. Joseph Health

Elizabeth Bierbower, Host, B-Time Podcast, Former President, Humana's Group and Specialty Division

Charles DeShazer, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Highmark

Adrienne White-Faines, VP, Market Lead Healthcare, Financial Health Network

Jennifer Tescher, President and CEO, Financial Health Network

Cheryl Rucker-Whitaker, MD, FACP, Chairman, Next Level Health Partners, President, Institute of Medicine Chicago

Kanav Hasija, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer, Innovaccer


The distinguished panelists spoke at length about the need for making care more affordable, accessible, and value-driven. “For the past decade, we’ve been struggling just to deliver the right care, address the social determinants of health and fulfill patients’ needs in real-time,” remarked White-Faines in her session titled “Beyond Compassion: Integrating Financial Health into Patient Care.” The speakers also touched on technological advancements and how several cutting edge processes have been fast-tracked during the ongoing pandemic. “Nothing smart has user manuals anymore. You just play! That is what we need in healthcare as well,” suggested Tullman. 


Talking about the criticality of real-time data sharing,  Dr. DeShazer explained how interoperability can add critical value to care processes. “The real-time flow of information is critical as the timing of intervention can mean the difference between life or death, rapid recovery or a complicated course,” he noted. “With millions of data points to analyze, the only way we can derive insights from them is through Machine learning and AI,” Moore suggested.


Sharing her experience at ElevateHealth, Fehrenbacher discussed how it is important to set the right goals and commented, “ I am a big fan of the triple aim of healthcare; better care, better quality and better value.” Hasija chimed in to say, “whole person health starts with whole person data.”


To conclude the day, a special DJ reception was hosted by Jonathan Bush, Executive Chairman at Firefly Health and Co-founder at athenahealth with Stephen K. Klasko, MD, President, Thomas Jefferson University and CEO, Jefferson Health, donning the DJ hat for the one-of-its-kind event! Dr. “DJ” Klasko cranked up his magical console and spun some of the biggest chartbusters from across the decades!


The conference is sponsored by Innovaccer, a San Francisco-based healthcare technology company. Other partners include Aunt Bertha, Accountable Care Learning Collaborative, mHealth Times and The Healthcare Guys. The next two days promise to be equally exciting with sessions from healthcare luminaries such as Kavita K. Patel, MD, nationally renowned health policy expert, Hans Erik Hendersen

Chief Executive Officer Healthcare DENMARK, Jeff Brenner, MD, Founder and CMO, JunaCare, and Griffin Myers, MD, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Oak Street Health, among others in the line-up!


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