Fellowship Square-mesa Senior Living Provider Deploys Owlytics’ Personal Health And Fall Monitoring Solution, Fully Installed And Serviced Remotely

July 23, 2020

Newton, MA July 23, 2020  - Owlytics Healthcare, a provider of personal health and fall monitoring solutions for seniors, is pleased to announce their collaboration with Fellowship Square-Mesa, part of Christian Care, the largest not-for-profit provider of senior housing and services based in Arizona. The project, utilized in their assisted and independent living communities, includes an implementation of Owlytics smart wearable, infrastructure-free solution that detects falls in real-time, providing continuous daily fall risk assessment and identifying early warnings of health deterioration by analyzing a resident's health patterns. 

“It is a privilege to collaborate with an innovative leader such as Fellowship Square Mesa”, said Raz Evenor, VP of Business Development, “this project showcases our end-to-end pre-configured solution deployment and support that are managed entirely remotely.”

Fellowship Square-Mesa is focusing on finding a solution that can reduce falls for seniors. Their residents were engaged and expressed their ideas for a health monitoring system that did not appear institutional. Maintaining a sense of dignity despite their need to be more closely monitored due to their increased risk of falls and other health challenges is very important. They were thrilled about the features of the Owlytics solution and also love the look and feel of wearing a fashionable Samsung Active 2 LTE smart-watch, a stark contrast to the typical neck-worn push button pendant they are often encouraged to wear. 

According to Jon Scott Williams, Executive Director of Fellowship Square Mesa, another critical advantage of the solution is the continuous monitoring conducted using the smart-watch and the ability to detect trends that may signal the onset of a health problem and alert the care provider. Fellowship Square Mesa has a reputation for being early adopters of cutting-edge technology. They were among the first senior living communities to install enterprise-grade Wi-Fi throughout their campus when it first became available over 20 years ago. In keeping up with the times, they continue to adopt new technologies, which improves resident safety, including Alexa Community making each resident apartment a Smart Apartment. "We encourage our residents to embrace the use of technology to help enhance their lives while promoting independence, said Williams.  The beauty of the Owlytics solution is the ability to continuously upgrade remotely and have easy access to their latest and greatest applications and platforms." 

About Owlytics

Owlytics is a rapidly growing company dedicated to elevating the lives of all seniors by combining continuous personal monitoring with the predictive power of data analytics. We developed a continuous, AI-based monitoring solution that collects, analyzes and reports personal health data in order to administer preventative solutions in real time. We are focused on providing innovative, remote patient monitoring systems for independent and assisted living facilities, home care agencies and other services where a higher level of personal care and safety are valued. Owlytics helps increase the quality of care and safety for all residents while decreasing the costs of care. For more information please visit https://www.owlytics.com/.

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VP of Business Development
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