HealCo Announces The Nation’s Very First Health System Without Walls

June 15, 2020

HealCo is the Airbnb of medical office space and ambulatory surgery centers - and now the only official Health System Without Walls (HSWOW)

Regulatory changes earlier in the year accelerated healthcare’s embrace of telemedicine - solving a lot of problems, but still not completely eliminating the need for physical space. With virtual health expected to be a part of the ‘new normal’, brick and mortar medical offices have no choice but to adapt. From this notion, HealCo’s Health System Without Walls initiative, a hybrid (tele+) medical office network, was born.

"HealCo's Health System Without Walls bands independent providers together to share resources, like space, and solve physician shortage issues across the country - ultimately bringing down the total cost of healthcare,” says HealCo Founder and CEO, Kirat Kharode.

Before disrupting the entire medical real estate market, Kharode identified a need for simple, streamlined medical office sharing. A former senior hospital system executive and lawyer by trade, Kharode imagined a flexible solution where providers expand their practices by subleasing new office space part-time, while medical office and surgery centers owners optimize their underutilized space. The big picture goal: Get doctors to communities where they’re most desperately needed.

After achieving proof of concept by successfully matching providers and medical space throughout the country, HealCo expanded to include ambulatory surgical centers in its product offering, just before the onset of COVID-19. In an effort to do their part during the pandemic, the HealCo team committed to retooling ambulatory surgical space into critical care centers to relieve hospital overflow. Now, as America recovers from COVID-19, hybrid models like HSWOW guarantee continued social distancing adherence and alleviate anxiety and risk for patients.

“By introducing “virtual leasing” to our platform, we’ve allowed a ‘virtual landlord’ to lease an entire medical office to a physician or ‘virtual tenant’ who is working remotely.” The doctor supervises all staff and processes - including ancillaries like imaging, blood draws, and vitals - via video call.

“We’re empowering specialists to easily scale up their practice while helping host practices cover their overhead expenses. Above all, this hybrid office network allows patients to receive care outside of obnoxiously overpriced hospital systems, and closer to their homes.”

Here’s how HealCo works with existing offices and partners with landlords to create hybrid offices:

- Say goodbye to waiting rooms - small offices with keyless entry and minimal seating will keep brick-and-mortar locations lean and contactless

- Managed network locations include basic imaging, labwork, pharmacy

- Exam rooms will be equipped with telemedicine consult areas, where physicians will lead patients through virtual exam

- Staffed by clinical assistants and other healthcare professionals who will practice at the ‘top of license’

- Specialist providers will remotely supervise the entire operation - providing expert guidance and intervention when necessary

- Specialist providers will virtually lease space as HealCo tenants, or ‘v-tenants’

- Each specialist provider’s payment to a landlord or ‘v-landlord’ will be based on the amount of time the patient spends on the premises, determined by keyless entry

If you’d like to learn more about HealCo’s Health System Without Walls, fill out this form or get in touch at [email protected]