SyncThink, QuesGen Partner to Provide Unique Brain Health Data Access for Student Athlete Research

May 01, 2019

This partnership will allow university sports programs to submit student-athlete health data to a research repository to support ongoing studies

Palo Alto, CA—May 1, 2019—SyncThink, a world leader in neurotechnology and brain health analytics and creators of the award-winning EYE-SYNC brain health assessment tool, announces today that it is partnering with QuesGen Systems, a contract research organization (CRO) based in Burlingame, CA. QuesGen currently serves as the data management platform for many large-scale traumatic brain injury (TBI) studies including the NCAA-DoD Grand Alliance, which in 2014 launched the largest ever funded research effort to study concussion and repetitive head impact in collegiate athletics and military service members. The effort, known as the Concussion Assessment, Research, and Education (CARE) Consortium, has seen a total investment of over $52 million. 

This new partnership will provide a seamless transfer of data captured by institutions conducting concussion research in their sports programs. By using the QuesGen research repository and the SyncThink platform, institutions will be able to submit patient records such as complete demographics, patient history, relevant head injury data, and subsequent follow-up care. This complete data set will be transferred directly to QuesGen via unique API access, eliminating the need for clinicians to have to document separately to meet any injury reporting guidelines.

“The combination of the QuesGen data management platform (research repository) and the SyncThink TBI assessment toolset provides a great combination of ease-of-use and comprehensive data management and research curation. We are excited about delivering a high-quality, seamlessly integrated solution with the SyncThink team to the QuesGen research management platform,” said QuesGen President Mike Jarrett.

SyncThink CEO, Laura Yecies is excited about expanding the support of this critical research, stating “Collaborating with QuesGen allows us to simplify the process for the end user, eliminating the requirement for double documenting of encounters, and also allows us to support many institutions who use a wide variety of electronic medical record systems.  We are pleased to support the important mission of the collegiate sports injury research programs.”

SyncThink currently has partners in the clinical and athletic space that include the Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks, Pac-12 Conference, Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s National Hospital, and Stanford Children’s Hospital. In addition to working with the CARE Consortium, QuesGen also manages data for the CenterTBI study and TRACK-TBI.

About SyncThink: SyncThink is on a mission to provide objective measurements for brain health and empower people to maximize their health and performance. SyncThink develops revolutionary eye-tracking technology and analytics, in a VR environment, that assist medical professionals in assessing brain health, monitoring recovery, and optimizing performance. With more than 30 published peer-reviewed papers and 12 granted patents, the SyncThink platform uses a series of 60-second assessments to objectively measure eye movements to identify impairments and offers multiple modalities to train dynamic vision. FDA-cleared for detecting eye-tracking impairment and used by leading medical centers such as Stanford and Massachusetts General, the U.S. military, and more than 20 top universities, SyncThink is transforming assessment, recovery, and performance for life and sport.

About QuesGen: QuesGen Systems, a San Francisco Bay Area company provides data management and CRO Services to organizations and investigators developing treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury and other brain-related research. With its focus on Brain Health and significant number of projects in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), QuesGen has developed an extensive library of electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF’s) and neurocognitive assessments that allow for rapid setup and deployment in this area of research. With its extensive experience working with investigators focused on complex studies in the area of brain-related treatments & diagnostics, QuesGen is capable of taking a study from concept all the way through FDA evaluation and approval. With QuesGen’s platform being used all over the world its global aim is to support researchers to better understand and help to positively impact this significant problem.