Why Do My Teeth Hurt After Whitening?

April 19, 2019

The teeth whitening procedure is very popular nowadays. A beautiful snow-white smile is now available to anyone. The procedure has a purely cosmetic purpose and doesn’t treat the teeth in any way. However, each body and dental system are individual, and sometimes things can go wrong.

Although the procedure is considered safe and non-invasive, there are still some risks involved. It is not recommended to people with sensitive enamel, because the teeth whitening process uses chemicals. These chemicals aren’t very friendly to dental enamel and can cause problems for people with worn down enamel.

The Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

There can be some side effects during or after the procedure. It’s all very individual, they may be very bothersome for some people and not occur at all in others. However, this is what may happen:

Dental pain

Gum irritation

Dental hypersensitivity

It seems like nothing dangerous, but far from pleasant as well. The reaction of each individual person on the procedure is unpredictable. Speaking about sensitivity, it can appear during the procedure or after a while.

If teeth start hurting in the process of the procedure, it should be stopped. Teeth whitening isn’t performed under anesthesia because it is important for the doctor to be aware there is no harm being done. If severe pain occurs, there is a chance to damage the patient’s teeth.

Can the Procedure Be Continued If Teeth Start Hurting?

The teeth whitening effect is achieved with active oxygen. It gets deep into the dental tissues and can irritate the dental nerves. If you feel pain, inform the doctor about it immediately. When the procedure is stopped, it can be given another try once the pain goes away.

The second attempt should take less time or less concentration of the whitening gel. But if the pain appears again, no more attempts should be taken to continue. Instead, it is important to understand why it happened. Maybe you will have to choose some other whitening option or just clean your teeth in the office to improve their color.

What Can Influence the Sensitivity of Your Teeth After the Procedure?

There are certain factors that can make your teeth hurt afterward. To avoid such an effect, there are certain safety rules to follow after the teeth whitening procedure. They include the use of special hygienic products for teeth and a diet that shouldn’t contain food with aggressive qualities.

This is what can make your teeth hurt after the whitening treatment:

Hot or cold food (or eating both together)

Food and drinks containing acids


Diseases not connected to dental health directly

Is It Possible to Prevent the Risks?

Yes, this is why before the teeth whitening procedure any dental issues you may have should be treated. These are the problems you should solve before getting your teeth whitened.


Enamel diseases

Fissures on the surface of teeth

Fillings of poor quality

Gum inflammation

If there are any dental diseases, the aggressive whitening chemicals may aggravate them and really damage your dental health. This is why you should sit into the chair for your whitening with completely treated teeth and gums to make it work.