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BlueSmart mia Brings Smart Bottle Feeding System to Parents Everywhere

Oct 30, 2017

BlueSmart mia educates new parents about the health of their baby by tracking and analyzing their feeding and growth milestones

Mountain View, CA-October 30, 2017-A Smart Bottle Feeding System that tracks and analyzes your baby's intake and consumption patterns, BlueSmart mia, launches today to give parents, grandparents, and caretakers the technology to make bottle feeding smart. The safe and colorful silicone sleeve is placed on the bottom of most baby bottles, and with the help of Wi-Fi, will transmit information regarding a baby’s feeding data including feeding amount, temperature, duration, and angle to be analyzed in the accompanying free app. That information is then able to be shared with grandparents, caretakers, and even exported and emailed to your pediatrician. BlueSmart mia also has indicators on the silicone smart sleeve that guide each feeding, such as temperature alerts for whether the milk is too hot or cold, angle alerts for optimal feeding, feeding reminders, expiration warnings for if you’ve left the breastmilk or formula out too long, and more.

“BlueSmart mia was created to give parents comfort when adjusting to having a baby, as well as give them confidence in knowing that their baby is being properly taken care of even if they aren’t there in-person,” said Co-Founder of BlueSmart mia, Gisela Xie. “Nothing can fully prepare an expectant mom or dad for the wonderfully exciting world of parenthood, and the anxieties that come with raising a little one. We created BlueSmart mia to help alleviate parents’ concerns surrounding baby feeding and enable them to be kept up-to-date in real-time on their little one’s progress.”

The BlueSmart mia app enables parents to create a profile for their little one with information regarding their baby’s age, weight, and height so the technology can offer tips and suggestions for proper feeding amounts. When parents go back to work or have to be away from baby, BlueSmart mia keeps them connected to baby’s feedings with real-time monitoring, push notifications, and a complete summary after each feeding. As baby grows, you can also record important milestones in the app. BlueSmart mia is voice activated so when you finish a feeding you can tell the device how much baby consumed and it’ll automatically sync to the app.

“As a practicing pediatrician, I see a lot of parents that have questions about their baby’s nutritional and developmental progress. BlueSmart mia gives parents and caretakers the ability to provide me with a detailed feeding schedule and feeding history data so I can have a more complete picture of my patient's daily nutritional intake,” said Dr. Kathryn Birken-Friedman, MD, board certified pediatrician. “When bottle feeding, BlueSmart mia gives caretakers the ability to easily check the feeding temperature and angle as well, which makes the process easier. Feeding schedules are important to support a baby’s healthy growth and this technology allows me to go over the schedule, history and growth data with my parents, so they feel comfortable about how much they are feeding their baby even in times when we might not be able to connect. ”

Each BlueSmart mia comes with a wireless charging plate and depending on frequency of use can last a full day on one complete charge, so parents can feel comfortable knowing that their baby will never miss a feeding.  "First-time parents, working parents, there are so many that can benefit from having technology to take away the worry of bottle feeding correctly or making sure their baby gets the adequate daily nutrition to support healthy growth,” said Ariana Cuan, Marketing Manager at BlueSmart mia.

BlueSmart mia is water proof, easy to clean, radiation free, and made out of FDA Approved food grade materials. BlueSmart mia retails for $149 with free shipping and is available now: