Oasis Financial and Key Health Merge, Expanding Access to Comprehensive Financial Lifelines for Consumers

May 18, 2017

Two well-known finance brands assisting accident victims will expand consumer access through a complementary network of attorneys and medical providers

The nation’s largest pre-settlement funding provider, Oasis Financial, and leading personal injury medical lien funder Key Health joined forces in a merger today. The two companies will offer a suite of services helping accident victims recover physically and financially through a complementary network of attorneys and medical providers, and are two of the best known names in their respective fields.

Both Oasis Financial and Key Health will report to Oasis CEO Ralph Shayne, with no immediate changes to either brand planned.

“Bills can pile up quickly after an accident or injury, whether it’s living expenses or medical bills, and many people aren’t equipped financially to cope,” said Shayne. “This scenario often exposes health care providers to financial risk as well. Bringing together two of the top brands in the industry means we can empower more people to continue living life as normal and make those who provide crucial medical services whole.”

“Teaming up with Oasis enables us to provide more Americans access to quality health care services,” said Jeff Trigilio, CEO of Key Health. “We’ll work hand in hand to remove roadblocks to physical and financial fitness after an injury.”

Under the transaction, Oasis will continue to offer pre-settlement funding, helping families replace lost income immediately after an accident while awaiting an insurance claim settlement. Key Health alleviates the financial burden of unpaid medical bills after an injury for both consumers and medical providers. Key Health’s solutions cross three areas: lien solution programs (for physicians serving injury patients), billing and medical legal software (through Atticus Medical Billing), and pharmacy cards with no immediate out-of-pocket costs at point of sale (through Accidentmeds.com).

Oasis, headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, was founded in 2003, has more than 130 employees across the country, and actively works with more than 14,000 attorneys. Key Health, based in Westlake Village, California, has more than 60 employees in California and Texas, and maintains relationships with more than 10,000 physicians and attorneys. Both companies serve consumers across the U.S.

About Oasis Financial

Oasis Financial, a national leader in consumer legal funding, is headquartered in suburban Chicago and has satellite offices across the country. Consumer legal funding is a debt-free solution that helps families

recover and meet day-to-day needs after an accident or injury while pursuing a legal claim. With consumer legal funding, families have the choice to replace lost income immediately, when they need it most. Providers like Oasis purchase a small portion of a potential settlement amount. This purchase provides consumer-friendly benefits specifically designed for people pursuing a claim: no monthly payments, no risk to consumer credit, no risk of default, and if the case doesn’t settle, the client keeps the funding with no obligations. Oasis has helped many of the 500,000 people who have used consumer legal funding make ends meet over the last 15 years.

About Key Health

Since 1996, Key Health has been the national leader in providing personal injury medical lien funding. Key Health funds thousands of medical accounts receivable each month from medical providers spanning the U.S. These providers offer services to injured victims on a lien or letter of protection basis as part of a personal injury claim. All providers are independent and have no ownership stake in Key Health.