etherFAX Launches New Federated Service to Digitize Workflows and Improve Interoperability

August 10, 2021
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Caroline Smith
Springboard PR
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etherFAX today announced the launch of its Federated Service, a network that serves as the document delivery hub for all participating service provider networks. While most implementations rely on sharing endpoint information and tedious synchronization methods, etherFAX’s Federated Service employs a unique election system that eliminates the need for endpoint sharing while maintaining optimal performance. 

etherFAX’s Federated Service digitizes workflows and improves interoperability for healthcare organizations and service providers. Each endpoint is configured within the Federation network, enabling fast and secure Direct Messaging, digital document delivery, patient queries, and data exchange processes via established API standards such as HL7 and FHIR. By creating a Federated system, etherFAX provides services that are intrinsic (Direct Project, NPI integration) and also supports partner and carrier services. etherFAX can easily integrate with intrinsic services in short order.

Through the Direct Project, etherFAX accepts destination fax numbers or email addresses. If an email address is used as part of the standard workflow, the Direct Project services will be queried to see if a valid endpoint exists. If so, the document and data are encrypted using the destination's direct project email certificate and are delivered to the recipient's inbox as a secure message/attachment.

Through NPI services, etherFAX accepts a 10-digit NPI number and has the option to use the NPI as a direct endpoint or as an indirect link between the NPI and a physician's fax number or Direct Project address. Additional profiles may be added that allow for CCDA, FHIR, HL7, and other forms of healthcare-centric documents. To reduce administrative and physician burnout, etherFAX’s Federated Services can be implemented without having to change a single workflow.

To learn more about etherFAX’s Federated Services, email: [email protected] 

About etherFAX Founded in 2009, etherFAX® offers a secure document delivery platform and suite of applications widely used across a broad range of industries to digitize workflows and optimize business processes. As a leading provider of hybrid-cloud fax solutions supporting healthcare enterprises, etherFAX securely transmits protected health information and high-resolution, color documents directly to applications and devices with end-to-end encryption and ultra-fast transmission speeds. With more than six million connected endpoints, etherFAX is the world’s largest document exchange network, supporting every major fax server, application, and fax-enabled device. The etherFAX partner network continues to grow and evolve to strengthen platform-agnostic document delivery to and from fax providers, fax servers, EHRs, and Health Information Exchanges. etherFAX’s secure, cloud-based, and encrypted data exchange solutions are SOC 2 compliant, HIPAA compliant, PCI DSS certified, and HITRUST CSF certified. For more information, visit, follow us out on Twitter at, call us at 877-384-9866, or email [email protected]