Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform Now Available on Microsoft Azure

Posted Oct 13, 2020


Innovaccer, Inc., a leading healthcare technology company, recently announced that it is supporting Microsoft Azure with its FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform. Microsoft Azure is committed to improving connectedness to drive superior performance across providers, payers, pharmaceutical, and medical technology organizations.


With artificial intelligence applications added on top of it, Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform helps care teams improve outcomes in real time. The platform has pre-built applications for doctors (InNote), care managers (InCare), healthcare leaders (InGraph), and patients (InConnect).


Innovaccer’s data platform provides a rich set of capabilities, including scalable FHIR application programming interfaces (APIs), an optimized FHIR data lake, best-in-class API gateway, hundreds of analytical enrichments like HEDIS scores, and a cloud infrastructure.


Compliant with the latest version, FHIR v4.0.1, the Data Activation Platform includes more than 400 search parameters and over 800 analytical enrichments to clinical and claims data. It serves as a foundation upon which custom applications can be designed and built by any healthcare organization.


The company has also partnered with Microsoft to launch its care management solution, InCare, on the Microsoft Teams platform. Integrated on MS Teams, InCare eliminates the complicated processes of manually locating patients and provides a 360-degree view of patients through Patient-360 profiles. Care managers can talk directly to the primary care provider’s nursing staff through the chatbot to coordinate care.


“Innovaccer believes that healthcare should be better connected by sharing data to support the demands of more patient-centered care. With the aim of realizing truly collaborative healthcare, we have partnered with Microsoft to support them with our Data Activation Platform,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. “This partnership will enable us to reimagine care delivery and enhance workflows to help healthcare care as one.”


About Innovaccer


Innovaccer, Inc. is a leading San Francisco-based healthcare technology company committed to making a powerful and enduring difference in the way care is delivered. The company leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to automate routine workflows and reduce manual overhead to facilitate more person-centered care. Its KLAS-recognized products have been deployed all over the U.S. across more than 1,000 locations, enabling more than 37,000 providers to transform care delivery and work collaboratively with payers. Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform has been successfully implemented with healthcare institutions, private health plans, and government organizations. By using the connected care framework, Innovaccer has unified records for more than 24 million members and generated more than $600M in savings.


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