CareAsOne Community Launches Summit to Convene Healthcare Expert Discussions on the Future of Healthcare

October 06, 2020

CareAsOne, a virtual healthcare professional community, today announced the launch of its inaugural CareAsOne Summit. Spread across two and a half days, the virtual conference will gather healthcare experts to explore the future of healthcare and identify the roadblocks and strategies needed to champion an era of transformative change. 


The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted healthcare delivery and processes, but it has also spurred many slow-moving innovations into gear. Areas such as telehealth, virtual care and data exchange have gained significant adoption with the advent of the pandemic. The CareAsOne Summit, from November 16th to 18th, invites healthcare professionals from all over the country to share their wins, challenges and lessons learned as they reevaluate and realign for groundbreaking advancements.


As a community that provides a credible place to connect and share information about healthcare transformation and patient-centered care, the CareAsOne Community allows participants to explore novel care models, expert opinions, and innovative ideas for care delivery. Centered around the theme ‘Health 2030: Discovering the Future of Healthcare,’ the CareAsOne Summit is a can’t-miss for healthcare providers, payers, and employers speculating on the shortcomings of the current system highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Over 50 industry pioneers are scheduled to speak at the conference, including Kavita K. Patel MD, MSHS, Scholar, Brookings Institution and Primary Care Physician, Mary's Center, Glen Tullman, Founder and Executive Chairman, Livongo Health, Hans Erik Hendersen, Chief Executive Officer at Healthcare DENMARK, Tom X Lee, CEO at Galileo and Former CEO and Executive Chairman at One Medical Group, David B. Nash, MD, MBA, Founding Dean Emeritus, Jefferson College of Population Health, Jonathan Bush, Co-founder, athenahealth and Executive Chairman, Firefly Health. The conference will host a variety of keynote sessions, panel discussions, interviews and more, where top healthcare leaders and world-class speakers will be addressing the roadblocks in the current system and charting a course for the future of healthcare. 


We have all witnessed how COVID-19 almost brought the world to a halt, and its impact on healthcare has been severe. It has changed how we deliver care to our patients and these changes are likely to persist. If we wish to remain successful and true to our mission of delivering patient-centered care, we must learn new ways of caring as one,” remarks Paul Grundy, MD, the convener of the CareAsOne Community and founding president of the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC). “This is going to be an incredibly unique conference and we look forward to hosting industry leaders and learning from their unique perspectives and best practices they have implemented to address the pandemic and plot the way to sustainable healthcare.”


To learn more about the CareAsOne Summit 2020 and register for a super early bird price of $0, down from $100, till October 15, visit the website. The CareAsOne Community is also looking for partners and media channels to support the cause and interested organizations can reach out to them at [email protected]


About CareAsOne


CareAsOne brings together healthcare professionals from all spheres to align with the changing dynamics of healthcare. The objective behind CareAsOne is to create a network that facilitates engagement, education, and alliance through powerful dissemination of healthcare information. We are committed to building a comprehensive networking and knowledge-sharing platform where credible healthcare information is available to healthcare professionals in a centralized manner to grow together and truly "care as one."


Press Contact

Dr. Paul Grundy

Convenor, CareAsOne