Transformations TMS Centers PLLC Selects MedicsPremier from Advanced Data Systems for Financial and Practice Management Automation

June 16, 2020

Transformations TMS Centers PLLC Selects MedicsPremier from Advanced Data Systems for Financial and Practice Management Automation

Wexford PA – June 16, 2020 – Transformations TMS Centers, PLLC (TTC) has selected the MedicsPremier system from Advanced Data Systems (ADS) for TMS-specific claims, billing, financial, and its mobile platform. TTC's corporate offices are in Pittsburgh PA. There are five treatment locations throughout PA with plans to expand quickly into other states. 

Sandy Cappel, TTC's Corporate Billing Manager, said, "Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a highly specialized procedure, and although general psychiatric services and TMS go hand-in-hand, we wanted to keep our specialized billings separate from our psychiatry billings - as we continue post-COVID-19 - while remaining committed to our strategic plan for growth and diversification in the context of more efficient, real-time monitoring. Aside from real-time monitoring, bringing our billing in-house will give us better control and visibility over our operational processes. After reviewing several vendors and systems, we chose ADS and their MedicsPremier system to help us accomplish what we'd need, financially and operationally."

Ms. Cappel noted, "We found MedicsPremier to be comprehensive yet easy to use with the scalability TTC requires for adding providers, technicians, tax IDs, and system users, all as needed. The system will be in the ADS cloud."  

"I've had nothing but an excellent experience with ADS Programming. They test and retest their work, and we'll do the same as work is completed. We fully expect to hit the ground running on day one," Ms. Cappel said.

Ms. Cappel added, "My personal experience is that ADS is upfront and honest without overpromising. Ultimately, it's about partnering with a vendor able to deliver on its commitments." 

Jim Woods, ADS Vice President of Behavioral Health, said, "Our goal every day is to implement behavioral health solutions that drive financial and clinical excellence. Any behavioral health organization in a significant growth phase can rely on the ADS platform to manage every aspect of their revenue cycle process.   We're excited about this opportunity to partner with TTC, and appreciate TTC trusting ADS in supporting their corporate business strategies. We look forward to working closely with the TTC team to ensure their success."

Ms. Cappell closed by saying, "As a growth leader in TMS services, we need intelligent, adaptable software to ensure obtaining every dollar for every service, while operating efficiently with tight scheduling and no gaps so that personnel and expensive equipment aren't idle. With its history of success in behavioral health billing, MedicsPremier will do exactly that."

About Transformations TMS Centers, PLLC: TTC is a leader in transcranial magnetic stimulation, a procedure available to those with depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), where more traditional therapies, protocols, counseling, and medications have not been successful. TTC maintains an extraordinary success rate in its TMS treatments, typically performed over a period of six weeks per-patient. TTC's staff includes psychiatrists, clinicians, and technicians. Contact TTC at 724-242-8671, or email [email protected].   

About Advanced Data Systems Corp and the MedicsCloud Financial and Clinical Suite: Designed for all levels of care, our single application Suite is comprised of a certified EHR, scheduling platform, telemedicine and revenue cycle solution. Contact ADS at 800-899-4237, Ext. 2264 or email [email protected]  for more information or to schedule a personalized system overview.