MaxMD Achieves Approval to Integrate with CMS Blue Button 2.0 API

Posted Mar 20, 2020

MaxMD, a leader in secure healthcare information technology and interoperability solutions, has been named an approved vendor by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to give patients access to their Explanation of Benefit (EOB) information. CMS offers digital access to four years of Medicare Part A, B and D data for 53 million Medicare beneficiaries. CMS Blue Button 2.0 is an Application Programming Interface (API) that consumers use to query for their EOBs with a mobile App that has been certified by CMS to access the information. As the United States moves toward supporting a modern health app ecosystem, MaxMD remains at the forefront of technology innovation that delivers on the patient’s right to their medical records.

MaxMD Mobile App offers breakthrough capabilities for individuals seeking to access and manage their healthcare information.  The app runs on Android and iOS enabled devices and allows users to query and consolidate clinical data received from their care providers and Explanation of Benefits information from their insurance carriers. This increased visibility into one’s own clinical data and encounter history puts patients at the center of their care and makes it easier for them to participate in their own care.

What is the real benefit of being able to see your EOBs and health records from your phone? MaxMD Mobile App user Lisa Nelson explains, “I can make better decisions about the care I receive once I can see and understand the costs associated with the services and medications.” Nelson believes consumers will play an important role in the nation’s shift toward value-based care. “We understand health outcomes in a very personal way. It's our lives that are impacted by the quality and cost of care,” she explains. “MaxMD Mobile App gives me access to the information I need to be a smarter healthcare consumer and a secure way to interact with care providers, not just for me, but for my whole family. My phone is my smallest computer, and I have it with me all the time. This app puts power in the palm of my hand to engage with my entire care team any time, from anywhere, in a way I never could before via phone, fax, and mail.”

MaxMD Mobile App is a patient-facing application that helps people manage their health records. Users can securely communicate with others who have verified identities backed by a digital certificate ensuring high levels of trust. MaxMD Mobile App enables coordination back and forth between an individual and their care providers, insurance companies and other support and service organizations. It can be used to exchange messages as well as files, images, and videos, even respond to structured digital forms and questionnaires commonly used by payers and providers to coordinate care. MaxMD Mobile App supports consumer-directed exchange and gives patients control over their own health information. It is available today for Android and iOS smartphone devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


About MaxMD

MaxMD is the leader in secure healthcare information technology and interoperability solutions. The company offers a suite of configurable interoperability services, APIs, and apps that allow clients to access and share more and better quality information in innovative ways that maximize the value created from health IT. MaxMD products enable clients to leverage a wide range of standards to create clinical data liquidity that scales. These secure, trusted solutions transform data in transit and employ customizable rules and requirements to validate and deliver the right information, at the right time, in the right format, to the right destinations. MaxMD helps clients future-proof their health IT investments and meet rising expectations in a rapidly changing healthcare market. The company's technical expertise and industry leadership in the application of HIT standards differentiate MaxMD from other solution providers.