COVID-19 rheumatoid news connects high-risk groups with reliable information

Posted Mar 11, 2020

Rumor and misinformation about COVID-19 are rife. High-risk groups need to cut through the noise to find trustworthy information.

COVID-19 rheumatoid news provides reliable information for the 23 million Americans with autoimmune diseases. 

Articles are curated and summarized from credible sources by Women with Rheumatoid Disease.

The news is updated daily on our website or as a free email newsletter. 



"Great work. An interesting read and a resource I’m likely to use with my patients.” Dr Matthew Edwards, MD

"Thank you so much for keeping us updated on this nasty sickness!! This information is very valuable even to those who aren't elderly, who don't have autoimmune disease or any other health issues." Lelah, rheumatoid patient

"Thank you for posting these updates while they develop. It's good to have updates so those of us still in the workforce can prepare if need be."  Karen, rheumatoid patient

"Knowledge is power. We always need reliable accurate information to make informed decisions about our health." Sarah Dillingham, founder, Women with Rheumatoid Disease.


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