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Stayhealthy and OncoGambit Join Forces to Improve Cancer Patient Outcomes

Oct 09, 2019

Digital Health Pioneers Developing Innovative Tech-Based Solutions to Prevent and Reduce Cancer Recurrence Through Health Education and Lifestyle Modification 

Stayhealthy, a healthcare technology company that brings together the most advanced tools to measure, track and change the health and wellness status of millions of people, and the founders of OncoGambit, the first computer-aided individualized cancer treatment confirmation resource, announced today a partnership to develop a new mobile platform dedicated to assisting cancer survivors. The platform will offer education, conscious eating, activity and mindfulness resources to support survivors to change their lifestyles for the better.

“We are excited to be partnering with OncoGambit to address survivors and prevention of all cancers, with an initial emphasis on breast cancer,” said Dr. Colin Hill, Stayhealthy’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Science Officer.

“We are eager to share this platform with the world - especially with those who are in need of it,” added John Collins, CEO of Stayhealthy. “There is an undeniable link between excess body fat and breast cancer. Nearly 60% of all cancer survivors suffer from excess body fat, which makes our collaboration with OncoGambit all the more important. It’s essential to develop resources like this to help support survivors maintain their health and wellness.”

This highly anticipated project is set to revolutionize survival care, especially with breast cancer survivors. Research has shown there is a 30% increased risk of disease recurrence and death from breast cancer related to excess body fat. Most survivors aren’t equipped with a strong after-care plan specifically geared toward this common problem.  

The U.S. has approximately 23,000 oncologists who are responsible for nearly 17 million cancer survivors, and 80% of survivors rely on their oncologist for nutrition, exercise, and psycho-social guidance. However, current support regimens are often inadequate to meet this need of keeping survivors healthy. OncoGambit and Stayhealthy’s project is a breakthrough step toward creating a solution to meet the need for an accessible, comprehensive survival care guide for cancer survivors.

“It is of the utmost importance for cancer survivors to have a detailed survival support plan. We intend to equip both survivors and oncologists with the most advanced resources and tools to achieve their best outcome,” said Dr. Hannah Luu, CEO and founder of OncoGambit. “The Stayhealthy team has been instrumental in bringing together all the elements we need to build an education platform for what comes after a cancer diagnosis that includes ongoing support and recurrence prevention.” 

Stayhealthy will introduce the platform along with its key features and details in December 2019. For more information, email [email protected]

About Stayhealthy, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Stayhealthy Inc. is a healthcare technology company that has brought together the most advanced tools to measure, track, and change the health and wellness status of millions of users. Over the decades, Stayhealthy has learned what doesn’t work in healthcare, and as a result, has identified engagement, education and retention as its core strategic initiatives. Stayhealthy is now launching a mobile platform with apps based on highly accurate, clinically valid screening tools delivered with patented augmented reality technology.

Led by Chairman and former Secretary of Health and Human Services, Governor Tommy Thompson, Stayhealthy’s mission has been focused on successfully addressing the growing epidemic of diseases that are linked directly to excess body fat such as many cancers, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

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About OncoGambit

OncoGambit is a digital health platform that is designed to answer the most important question for you as a cancer patient: "What is the best treatment for me that gives me the best survival outcome?" Its mission is to educate and provide newly diagnosed cancer patients with the best scientifically proven treatment plans that are agreed upon by more than 1100+ cancer experts.