Dr. Elias Ortiz Offering Affordable Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico Through Elias Ortiz & Company

Elias Ortiz & Company has opened to provide affordable, all-inclusive weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Patients can save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of opening specials. For all surgeries booked in 2019, there will be no high BMI fees, no hernia repair fees, and no revision fees for any patients who previously had weight loss surgery.

These weight loss surgeries will be completed by top rated surgeon, Dr. Elias Ortiz, along with his experienced staff. Patients can count on a safe and effective surgery, plus a team that is dedicated to helping them achieve their weight loss goals. Dr. Ortiz holds more than 7 years of medical experience in bariatric surgery and has performed more than 9,000 successful weight loss surgeries.

Dr. Ortiz formerly worked as the Chief Surgeon at A Lighter Me, before its owner and founder, Sandra Bravo Johnston, unexpectedly passed away. It was Sandy’s vision and dream to help people achieve their weight loss goals with surgery options that were not only safe but also affordable. “Our goal is to continue delivering that level of service that she taught us so many years ago and to use that knowledge, along with all of the recommendations from all of you in the past, to excel as the number one medical tourism company in the USA, Canada and Mexico,” said Janese Pitcher, co-founder of Elias Ortiz & Company.

As a medical tourism facilitator, Elias Ortiz & Company helps those in the USA and Canada receive weight loss surgery for a fraction of the cost of similar procedures in the USA. As a special opening promotion, Dr. Ortiz is waiving many of the additional fees that are commonly associated with weight loss surgeries in Mexico. Many surgeons charge a Body Mass Index fee, where higher BMIs have higher fees. This is one of the fees that will be waived for surgeries booked this year. Hernia repair fees and revision fees will also be waived during this special promotion.

About Elias Ortiz & Company: Elias Ortiz & Company provides all-inclusive weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. The company is led by Dr. Elias Ortiz, former chief surgeon at A Lighter Me, and industry veterans Michele Riter and Janese Pitcher.

Company Address: 1140 St. Vincent St., Utica, NY 13501 USA

Press Contact: Janese Pitcher

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Patient Support group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/eliasortizandcompany/

Website: https://eliasortiz.co