The Greeley Company Unveils Breakthrough Approach to Uncover and Combat Physician Burnout

May 06, 2019

Greeley Chief Medical Officer to Host Webinar Exploring the Burnout Epidemic and Greeley’s Methodology 


DANVERS, Massachusetts – May 6, 2019The Greeley Company, a leader in healthcare consulting, education and interim staffing solutions, today announced it has developed an innovative approach to combat the widespread and growing physician burnout epidemic. After years of research and consulting initiatives, the company has created a robust approach to help hospital leadership identify and address the most significant causes of burnout. Greeley CMO, Richard A. Sheff, MD will provide a first look at the new approach in a May 23rd webinar.


The prevalence of physician burnout has been steadily growing in the last several years; a symptom of increased pressure to provide high quality care at lower costs. Physicians increasingly see themselves as unable to provide the care they believe their patients need and deserve without undue interference from others, conflicting incentives, and increasing administrative burden. Characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced sense of accomplishment, burnout has a devastating impact on doctors and is linked to increased rates of suicide and depression – more than twice that of the general population. Almost half of all physicians have reported at least one symptom of burnout, further emphasizing the extreme and overwhelming nature of this situation.


“Burnout does not have a quick-fix, as it is a symptom of a challenged healthcare system, but healthcare will not work for any of us unless we take the necessary measures to better support the success of physicians as well as hospitals and health systems,” said Richard A. Sheff, MD, CMO and National Director, External Peer Review at The Greeley Company. “Greeley’s diagnosis and treatment for burnout has been a long time coming and we are proud to offer an approach that meaningfully moves the needle on successfully identifying and appropriately addressing the physician burnout epidemic.”  


Healthcare executives will benefit from Greeley’s illustrative roadmap outlining the critical activities an organization must take to meaningfully and effectively address this growing industry concern. Greeley’s approach follows a straightforward action plan which includes steps such as enhancing institutional connectedness, rethinking administrative processes, and providing ongoing support and intensive interventions.


Dr. Sheff will present a new webinar titled, “Diagnosis and Treatment for the Physician Burnout Epidemic,” on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 1:00 pm ET. Hospital and health system executives are encouraged to attend the live, one-hour webinar to learn more about Greeley’s unique approach to diagnosing and treating physician burnout, as well as specific measures they can take to actionably address burnout within their own organizations. He is also hosting two, one-day educational programs later this year as part of Greeley’s Physician and Hospital Leadership Event. Learn more and sign up for the webinar on the Greeley website.


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