Osso VR Partners with the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America

Osso VR Partners with the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America

Osso VR and POSNA launch first VR-based training module for common pediatric hip procedure at the 2018 International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium

PALO ALTO, Calif. and ORLANDO, Fla. – November 28, 2018 –  Osso VR, a leading virtual reality surgical training technology company, announces today its first module for pediatric orthopedic procedures, launched in partnership with the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA).

Osso VR augments the apprenticeship training model the surgical education system has relied on for over a century by providing on-demand, virtual educational experiences that are effective, repeatable, and measurable. Osso VR also allows for surgical mastery to finally be quantified, as the current assessment of surgical performance worldwide is still primarily through subjective mentor observation. Analytics and data provided on the user’s performance provides an objective picture of how proficient and competent the surgeon is and even how they compare to peers.

The training created in partnership with POSNA focuses on a common, yet spatially complex hip procedure for slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE), most often occurring in pre-teens and teens. Screw placement in these procedures can be challenging for residents and fellows to master. Osso VR’s immersive educational platform allows the learner to practice setting up the C-arm to obtain fluoroscopic images of a SCFE, then place a guidewire, measure it, and insert an in-situ screw. The learner is given immediate feedback on the quality of  fluoroscopy quality and screw placement. This is all practiced in a virtual environment that mimics the atmosphere of performing the procedure in the real operating room and can be used repeatedly.

“Pediatric orthopedic procedures present unique challenges for surgeons, especially when they have not subspecialized in the field. The pressure associated with the procedure combined with the variable experience of practitioners can lead to suboptimal outcomes. Procedures like SCFE in situ pinning are not able to be practiced effectively with current tools like sawbones. VR allows providers to not only learn, but refresh, the skills and steps necessary to effectively treat this critical condition,” said Justin Barad, MD, pediatric orthopedic surgeon and CEO of Osso VR. “POSNA continues to be on the cutting-edge of educating pediatric orthopedic surgeons about innovation in the specialty. POSNA was an integral partner in our first venture into pediatric orthopedics, driving the vision for our how best to introduce these surgeons to the future of training.”  

“Mastering orthopaedic surgery requires a considerable amount of ‘deliberate practice.’ Surgical skills are not innate, but instead must be learned. POSNA has been searching for ways to simulate deliberate practice with near perfect translational validity, and sees no other platform that offers an immersive experience like Osso VR,” said Jonathan Schoenecker, MD, orthopaedic surgeon and POSNA member. “Virtual reality has the capacity to integrate all senses to replicate the incredible sensory recall that every surgeon experiences when they walk into the operating room. Add in the ability to rapidly run countless simulations and to program in potential catastrophes, and it is easy to realize the capacity of Osso VR to not only to produce skilled surgeons, but most importantly, help create safer clinical practice.”

Osso VR has seen success across the U.S. in top residency programs looking to increase access to immersive, hands-on training opportunities for surgeons. The company has also attracted top orthopedic medical device companies to use the platform to improve training, encourage safe use, and increase adoption of devices. In scientifically validating the platform, preliminary study results have shown the Osso VR-trained group doubled the performance scores of the non-VR group.

For more information on Osso VR, visit www.ossovr.com.

About Osso VR

Osso VR is an award-winning, validated surgical training platform designed for surgeons, hospital staff, and sales teams of all skill levels. The platform offers highly realistic, hand-based interactions in an immersive training environment for cutting edge procedures and devices. Osso VR currently works with top medical devices companies and is used in orthopedic residency programs across the country.  Led by orthopedic surgeon, Justin Barad, MD, the Osso team has a deep clinical understanding, medical device industry expertise, and VR development background. Osso VR has a results-driven approach, allowing teams and individuals to not only practice procedures, but to objectively measure their performance through their proprietary analytics platform and dashboards. To learn more, visit www.ossovr.com.