Explore the Advantages of HIPAA Compliant Communications

Healthcare professionals are some of the most mobile workers. And, with a phone in their pocket, it’s so easy to quickly communicate with patients and other staff via SMS. But that’s a risky scenario as it’s not HIPAA compliant, and a violation carries a steep fine.  

Why not provide your staff with a safe, secure means of communication so they can continue providing the best care possible? Download our HIPAA Compliant Messaging Toolkit, a go-to guide to explore the power of HIPAA compliant messaging.  Here’s a preview of the top tips covered in the toolkit:

  • Accelerate coordination between office and field staff with secure messaging, voice and video calling and location sharing.
  • Ensure critical communications are being seen by the entire care team with message delivery confirmations and read receipts.
  • Deliver secure messaging on existing or employee-owned devices, while replacing outdated pagers with no set-up fees