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Looking To Start Your New Position In Healtcare? Our Free Virtual Career Fair is Here.

Posted April 22

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Company Description

***Qualifications range by license and certification. Please feel free to ask our recruiting agent via the chat client about the position you are applying for. 

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Note:Please make sure your resume is up to date. 

We will follow up with the details of the position via livechat and ask basic question about your experience.
Do expect the time for each brief interview to take anywhere between 5-15 minutes. As wait times are high during certain hours of the day.

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Job Description

We help those who wish to connect with those recruiters who can improve candidate prospects by offering top search services to our industry clients.

How Does This Virtual Career Fair Work? 

Speak with us live on the virtual site
Briefly look at the positions available on the page
Feel free to inquire about the position or simply submit your resume

We have over 300 positions throughout the United States in all of the following healthcare professions:



To perform patient care under the direction of the Nurse Manager/Director. A Registered Nurse provides therapeutic and administrative services necessary for the care of the patient, and in support of the mission of the hospital. Interested in a fast-paced, people-oriented nursing job? We believe we have the nurse position might be the right fit for you! With an exciting combination of routine and unique cases, you will learn and be challenged as a valued member of our team

Job qualifications may vary based on current positions available. Please review the site for an brief overview and if you have any questions 

  1. On the lower right hand side you will see a "Speak with Us Live" on our virtual site.
  2. Please briefly look over the positions available on the page.
  3. Last, feel free to inquire about the position further or simply drop us a line to inform us you are submitting your resume. 

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We look forward to helping you with your search and connecting you with the right position you're looking for.

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