​In 2020, the average cost of a data breach resolution for a U.S. healthcare organization was $8.6M—nearly $5M greater than the average cost of a breach across all sectors globally. With such alarming penalties, it’s no wonder risk management leaders are ramping up network security. But do those measures account for printer vulnerabilities?

Security leaders in the healthcare sector are under tremendous pressure to protect patient information. And while much focus is placed on network security, printing devices are often overlooked and may be subject to data breaches. In this webinar, senior executives from Brother International and Kofax will address the ways in which device vulnerabilities are failing the healthcare industry and costing companies millions in HIPAA violations. Topics include:

  • Device consideration: Increasing security across your devices, including printers
  • Authorized access only: Best practices for safeguarding patient data, so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands
  • Safety first: Signs it's time to upgrade your printing solution