FDA/CMS Summit is THE event in Washington that marshals in the next era of US regulatory policy as it intersects with breakthrough scientific innovation. This is the only forum that allows you to hear the latest developments in the drugs program and formulary guidance directly from decision-makers.

At this year’s event, hear the year in review and plans for 2018 from the Director for CDER, Dr. Janet Woodcock, and an update from the Office of New Drugs. We’ll also examine the state of biosimilar adoption in the US, and how they impact the cost curve across healthcare in emerging markets and abroad.

Know What’s Coming Down the Pipeline
Hear directly from CDER on goals, trends, and new drug development for 2017 and beyond.

  • Biosimilars Implication

Understand the obstacles to biosimilar adoption and their impact on the healthcare cost curve with a presentation and global case study

  • The Evolving Role of PROs

Understand the implications of increased FDA use of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) in drug development with a panel of stakeholders from industry, patient advocacy and the FDA.

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