​​​Businesses nationwide are grappling with unprecedented recruiting challenges as the demand for hourly workers continues to surge. The healthcare sector in particular is facing high employee turnover, dramatic staffing shortages, and rapidly increasing wages as a result of COVID-19.1

These days, workers are looking at more than just wage rates, particularly as financial stress—which directly affects workforce performance and retention—is at an all-time high.2 Often, when workers receive their wages is more important than how much.  One powerful solution to these challenges is earned wage access. This webinar will explain:

  • Why earned wage access has become the top benefit workers want
  • How this payment benefit can positively impact employee productivity and health3 
  • How to implement earned wage access solutions at your organization

A staggering 95% of employees are interested in working for an employer that provides earned wage access.4 ​ Learn to meet their demands today!