Cybersecurity — What healthcare administrators need to know

While the talk of the industry may be ACA repeal-and-replace, a not-so-silent threat is causing healthcare administrators to think more and more about cybersecurity. With 2016 barely under our belts, cybersecurity will continue to be a big topic in 2017.

Already, cybersecurity startup Protenus found 31 health data breaches occurred in January affecting 388,307 patient records. Last week during HIMSS17, Accenture revealed a survey that found 26% of U.S. consumers have had their medical data purloined from tech systems.

Headlines give a quick look at the real impacts over neglecting to protect patient data. For example, Children's Medical Center of Dallas was recently fined $3.2 million over HIPAA violations.

In this comprehensive guide to cybersecurity, we explore why cybersecurity is important for hospitals, how cyberthreats are looming over the industry and what CIOs and CISOs worry about while on the job.

No hospital or health system is immune from inside and outside threats. Here's what healthcare administrators need to know about cybersecurity in 2017 and beyond.

  1. Why cybersecurity should be important to hospitals

    Last year, health data breaches affected more than 27 million patient records. This year isn't shaping up to be any better. Read More >>

  2. 4 cybersecurity threats every hospital C-suite admin should be familiar with in 2017

    While the direct costs can take years to unfold, estimates find a breached healthcare organization can expect to see a 6.7% increase in customer churn. Read More >>

  3. Charts: Must-know healthcare cybersecurity statistics

    The healthcare industry was the victim of 88% of all ransomware attacks in U.S. industries last year, according to Solutionary, an NTT Group security company. Read More >>

  4. What keeps CIOs & CISOs up at night

    Employee training and engaging C-suite leadership are two keys to successful cybersecurity strategies. Read More >>

  5. 5 takeaways from the healthcare cybersecurity front lines

    Cyberattacks are all the rage right now. What do hospital C-suites need to know? Read More >>

  6. 8 ways to tackle today's cybersecurity challenges

    Hospital CISOs have had to step up their game in the wake of recent cyberattacks, but they are not often armed with a full cybersecurity toolkit. Read More >>

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